Faculty Professional Development: Covered Expenses

  • Registration fee
  • Faculty replacement
  • Tuition fee
  • Travel expenses such as:
    • Transportation (airfare, *mileage, other)
      • *Mileage calculation must be estimated as roundtrip from Cañada College OR home, whichever is closer to conference/workshop site. 
    • Car Rental and/or shuttle/bus/taxi fare
    • Lodging (room charges and taxes only)
    • Meals (up to $60.00 per diem)
      • Meal reimbursement breakdown: $10 breakfast, $20 lunch, $30 dinner
      • Ageenda or other document showing meals were not provided at coference required
    • Miscellaneous (tolls and parking charges)

Proof of covered expenses MUST be included in the application.


Travel funds will cover a maximum of $2,500 per year, per applicant.



Academic Senate and/or Basic Skills Funding

If you are applying for Basic Skills funds, please add a brief paragraph to your proposal explaining how your project relates to basic skills. You must contact the Basic Skills Committee and Academic Senate for the supplemental fund to inform them that an application is forthcoming.


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