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Class Schedule
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Campus Posting

 Persons or organizations seeking to distribute materials on campus must provide a copy of the material to the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development and follow the below Posting Policies:

  1. All materials to be posted on campus must be APPROVED and date stamped by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development.
  2. Approved materials may be posted on open public BULLETIN BOARDS ONLY. The list of public Bulletin Boards can be found below.
  3. Classroom bulletin boards are intended for instructional usage but may be utilized on a space available basis, subject to Divisional/Departmental needs and policies. Academic and administrative department boards (usually located in specific department buildings) are maintained by each department. Permission for posting in these areas must be obtained from each area Dean. Any materials posted in unauthorized locations, or without being stamped and dated by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, are subject to removal.
  4. Materials may not be posted on doors, painted surfaces, or exterior building walls or windows as well as yard signs, stakes or frames that are inserted into the ground. All other surfaces (e.g., non-classroom bulletin boards) are available for the posting to materials on a space-available basis. Sponsors are responsible for the removal of their materials after a reasonable period of time or once the materials becomes obsolete. Any member of the College staff may remove any obsolete materials.

  5. Events, programs or services, which are not sponsored by Cañada College, will be displayed in public posting areas only. Classroom bulletin boards are reserved for College sponsored events.
  6. The number and size of posters and leaflets that any one organization or person may post is subject to limitation by the Student Life and Leadership Manager and shall be limited only if the materials are so large or numerous as to infringe on the rights of others to use designated areas.
  7. Placement of materials on parked vehicles causes severe litter problems and is expressly prohibited.

Exceptions to any of the preceding requirements must be approved in advance by the Student Life and Leadership Manager.

Public Bulletin Board Locations

Public Posting

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