Ticket Sales

Want to sell tickets during your event? Check out these resources to find out how.

Guidelines to Ticket Sales for Your Event or Program

How to plan a fundraiser:

Step 1: Remember, you can only legally call ticket sales "chance to win" or "drawing"

Step 2: Fill out a facilities Request

  • Fill out a Facilities Request
  • Your room/location is not confirmed until your listed contact person is emailed a conformation

Step 3 (Clubs): Fill out a Fundraiser Approval Form signed by requester andd club advisor

Step 4: Create a document with the following information

Must Provide detailed information

  1. Event Name
  2. Purpose of Event
  3. Number of tickets being sold (all tickets need to be numbered
  4. Cost per ticket
  5. Two signatures (Requester and Advisor) at the bottom of the page

For more information on policies in our district follow the links below:

Raffle Help  Raffle Report Form