Free Printing

The Associated Students of Cañada College provides printing support to students:

  • How much credit do students get?
    • $5 printing credit on WEPA printers
  • Where are the printers I can use this credit?
    • WEPA printers are located:
      • Library, Building, 9 Room 300
      • Learning Center, Building 9 Room 210
      • STEM, Building 9 Room  210
      • Student Life, Building 5 Room 354
  • How do students access it?
    • This credit is automatically linked to a student's Websmart account
  • Who can access it?
    • Every Cañada College student gets this credit (regardless if they have a Student Body Card)
  • When can I access it?
    • Every semester students' account will be reloaded with $5

Learn More About HOW to print via WEPA