Administrative Program Review

Organization of Administrative Services

Administrative Services are organized into 5 "programs" for the purposes of Program Review and Assessment of Service Area Outcomes (SAOs). These programs are:

  • Marketing
  • Office of Administrative Services: Business Services & Facilities
  • Office of Instruction
  • Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Office of Student Services

Administrative program review submissions are reviewed by President's Office.  Personnel requests are considered as part of the college-wide position request process and non-personnel resource requests are prioritized by the President in accordance with PBC-established criteria and submitted for certification to the Planning and Budgeting Council as part of the College's annual integrated planning and budgeting cycle.

Program Review Schedule

Administrative Services reporting to the President of the College complete program review on a three-year cycle outlined below.

Reviews Due Fall 2021

Reviews Due Fall 2022

(Current Cycle - 2022-2023)

Reviews Due Fall 2023
Office of Administrative Services Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness Marketing
Office of Student Services   Office of Instruction