Research Report 2015-2016


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IEPI Portal; IEPI Website; Year Two Expectation; Scorecard 2016; Scorecard 5-Year Trend

2016 RP Group College Research Award (acceptance letter) (02/08/2016)


2016 RP Conference Session--Ground Zero of Implementing the Multiple Measures Assessment Project Locally (02/08/2016)

Cañada ASGC Resolution: Providing Accurate Data of Course Student Learning Outcomes Compliance (12/10/2015)

Student Equity Plan Data Tables (11/24/2015)

MMAP Pilot Project Update (11/18/2015)

Program Review and Resource Allocation Process and Timeline (11/01/2015)

APR Template; APR Feedback Form

SSPR Template; SSPR Feedback Form

IPR Template; IPR Feedback Form

Cañada Student Success Scorecard 2015, Methodology (09/21/2015, State Chancellor's Office)

Cañada Student Success Scorecard for the past 5 years (Cohort 2004-2005 to Cohort 2008-2009, 09/21/2015, Data from State Chancelor's Office)

ILO Report 2015 (09/15/2015) 

Graduate Survey Report (09/01/2015)

CCSSE Survey Report related to ILO (09/01/2015)

College Benchmark Report 2014-2015 (Institutional-Set Standard) (updated 09/17/2015)

Plan Summary (08/24/2015)

Spring 2016 Enrollment Update:

Fall 2015 Enrollment Update:


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