Instructional Planning Council

The Instructional Planning Council (IPC) is advisory to the Planning & Budgeting Council on a range of issues related to instruction:

1. Development of a calendar for program review, staffing, equipment and facilities needs as they pertain to instruction.

2. Development of an evaluation process for the program review cycle.

3. Recommendations about policies and procedures as they relate to instruction.

4. Recommendations about prioritization of resources as they relate to Strategic Goals regarding instruction and review of Instructional Strategic Goals yearly.

5. Evaluation of proposals for new instructional programs and instructional program discontinuance.

6. Support of accreditation review process and self-study.

7. Completion of a yearly review of the mission statement and roles of this Planning Council.


The primary participatory governance groups include:


Organizational Chart

Committee Reporting Structure



Instructional Planning Council Bylaws (revised 5/2018)


Annual Program Plan/Review Assessment

Each year, the IPC utilizes this Instructional Program Review Form is to provide feedback on the quality of the program review to the Department/Program.