Reassigned Time

Conditions in which Reassigned Time is Awarded

Reassigned time is typically awarded in one of four conditions:



Mandated by Contract or other agreement with District

AFT campus representative

Academic Senate President

Curriculum Committee Chair

Banked time
Mandated by External Agency or Accreditation Radiologic Technology Program Coordinator
Mandated by Grant Funding (i)

Principal Investigator for Grants


Accreditation Faculty Co-Chair

HTP Coordinator

Program/Department Coordinator

Special Project

Class Cancellation (ii)

i  - Reassigned time can be awarded to a faculty member whose research grant contains sufficient funds to cover a percentage of his/her load.  Reassigned time is also possible as part of the college’s match on a grant-funded project.  In that case, the match as reassignment would need to be addressed in the Intent to Apply form.

ii - If a full-time faculty member’s course is cancelled at late notice due to low enrollment, and it is not possible to assign him/her to another course at the college or within the District, the faculty member and the Division Dean may request that the faculty member be awarded reassigned time to other duties or special projects that benefit the college.


These web pages support the process for requesting faculty reassignment in the "Discretionary" condition listed in the table above.  Reassignment for "Mandated" functions do not need to follow this process; they are independently arranged with the relevant Dean and Vice President of Instruction.