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The college uses Program Review as the basis for identifying new and replacement positions.  Faculty, staff and administrators are able to include requests for new or replacement positions and justify their request through the Program Review document and a formal position proposal.  All process involve discussion by participatory governance bodies and culminate in recommendations to the President.  These processes are delineated in the Participatory Governance Manual as follows:

Process for New (General Fund) Fund 1 Positions

Process for Permanent Replacement or Changing Positions

Process for New and/or Replacement Grant- or Categorically-funded Positions

Process for New Temporary Full-time Fund 1 Positions


Proposal Forms for New (General Fund) Fund 1 Positions

Proposal form for new faculty positions

Proposal form for new classified positions


Annual Decision Cycles, Timelines, Forms & Documentation

2016-17 Cycle

2015-16 Cycles

2014-15 Cycles

2013-14 Cycles


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