Instructional Program Review


Purpose of Program Review

In accordance with Title 5 regulations and accreditation standards, Cañada College’s instructional programs are regularly reviewed in order to improve the quality of instruction, student learning outcomes, and institutional effectiveness.  Program Review contributes to annual and long range planning and budgeting at the department, division and college.  Program Review also informs allocation of personnel, equipment, technology, facilities, reassigned time, research and professional development resources.  To ensure the effective utilization of college resources, priority is given to requests that align with institutional strategic plans and that provide supporting evidence and justification in the Program Review.

Overview Of Process

Each program conducts an Instructional Program Plan on a biennial basis - once every two years - using data provided by the Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness, student learning outcomes, and other measures of program performance and student success.  Resource Requests can be submitted on an annual basis as needed.  Deans support the programs and provide feedback on the self study.  The Instruction Planning Council (IPC) evaluates the Instructional Program Plan and Resource Requests and provides feedback for improvement of the report and the program.  The Instructional Program Plan, Resource Requests and IPC feedback are provided to the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) for use in resource allocation decisions.  instructional Program Plans are shared with the public by posting on the college website.  The executive summary from each Program Plan is presented to the Board of Trustees by the College President.  Every six years, each program makes a college-wide presentation based on the Program Plan to share the program’s strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Approved Submissions

Please visit the Instructional Programs Schedule and Plans page to see completed program reviews and their corresponding feedback.