Research Report 2016-2017

ILO Report 2017

Graduate Survey Report 2017

IEPI PRT Visit Update (12/09/2016)  IEPI Summary of Initial VisitMenu of Options, IE Plan

Institutional-set Standards and IEPI Goal Setting

Graduate Survey Report 2016

Program Review Process and Timeline 

Program Review Resource Request Process and Timeline

Resource Request Template (describes information needed for resource requests, 02/14/2017)

Program Review Resource Request Reference Guide (describes how to enter request into SPOL, 02/14/2017)

Draft Educational Master Plan 2017-2022 (Feb 2017)

EMP Goals (Dec 2016, approved by PBC)

Cañada Student Success Scorecard 2016

Cañada Student Success Scorecard for the past 5 years 

ILO Report 2016  

Graduate Survey Report 2016

College Benchmark Report 2015-2016 (Institutional-Set Standard) 

Plan Progress Report Summary (Oct 2016)



Fall 2016 Enrollment Update:


Spring 2016 Enrollment Update:


Employee Characteristics:


Student Characteristics:


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