Research Report 2014-2015

Participatory Governance Process Survey Result May 2015; PGP Comparison of 2014 and 2015 Summary (05/20/2015)

Program Review Resource Request Process and Timeline (05/05/2015)

Fall 2014 English and Math Success Rate for Tutoring (04/30/2015, Rana)

California Community Colleges Institutional Effectiveness Division 


College Benchmark Report (08/15/2014, Updated 09/16/2014) 

Graduates' Characteristics Report (03/12/2015) Presentation Prezis

English and Math Course Enrollment and Success (02/11/2015)

Spring 2015 Enrollment Update:


Fall 2014 Enrollment Update:


Courses at Menlo Park Center

High School Take Rate

Program Review Data Packets--Instructional Areas

Program Review Data Packets--Student Services Areas

Assessment Manual (09/24/2014)

ACCJC Follow-Up Report (09/18/2014)

Draft Student Success and Support Program Plan and Budget (08/27/2014)

Draft Student Equity Plan (10/23/2014) Student Equity Plan Data

Distance Education Effectiveness Report (08/25/2014)

Student Services Program Review Data Packet 2013-2014 (08/20/2014)

Instructional Program Review Data Packet 2013-2014 (08/17/2014)

College Benchmark Report (08/15/2014, Updated 09/16/2014)

Student Characteristics Report (08/15/2014)

Employee Characteristics Report (08/10/2014)

Student Success Scorecard (08/08/2014)

International Student Report (Director of International Student Services, 07/30/2014)

International Student Degree/Certificate Report (07/25/2014)

International Student Effectiveness Report (07/20/2014)

International Student Characteristics Report (07/18/2014)

Data Dashboard Presentation (10/02/2014)

Data Dashboard Manual (07/15/2014)

Survey Reports