Assessment Structure

Task Responsible Party

A. Run Tracdat reports on a regular basis

  • For accreditation or other reports
  • For faculty and staff use in program review and planning
  • Reports are posted on an accessible site; must maintain confidentiality and progress, per Cañada’s SLO policy.
  • Program results (summary) posted online, under same policy.
  • Ensure that summary of PLO assessment results are posted online.
Student Research Assistant

B. Assist faculty and staff with technical support using Tracdat.

  • Train new users for standard data entry.
  • Train users with new functions, especially in Reports.
  • Create and update user guides; post them on SLO website.

Instructional Technologist (classified staff) 

C. User accounts: add, delete users, determine access privileges

  • Add/bank courses, departments, and programs. 
  • Configure custom reports to enable easier use of Results.
  • Monitor synchronization of outcomes between TracDat with CurricUNET.

Instructional Technologist (classified staff) with Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty) 

 D. Configuration of TracDat database setup: must coordinate with SKY and CSM.
  • Determine versions, updates, and timing of changes.
  • Participate in district discussions about articulation with other databases (Curricunet).
Instructional Technologist (classified staff) in consultation with Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty)
 E. Promote a culture of assessment, especially the assessment of Learning Outcomes. 
  • Offer professional development related to assessment.
  • Work with divisions and departments related to assessment.
Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty)
 F. Attend workshops/conferences on assessment best practices and accreditation-related issues Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty)
 G. Ensure that Cañada meets accreditation standards with regards to Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Compose accreditation reports of Cañada’s progress.
  • Identify areas in which Canada needs improvement; suggest strategies to meet standards (e.g. disaggregation of learning outcomes).
Assessment Advisory Group (PBC subcommittee) with Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty)
 H. Evaluate PLOs and their assessments in Program Review documents. 
  • Validate PLO compliance using TracDat reports.
  • Evaluate the impact of SLO and PLO assessment as reported through Program Review.

 I. Ensure compliance of Course SLO assessment. 

  • Issue “Course Assessment Reports” each semester to all faculty. 
Deans with support from Instructional Technologist (classified staff) and  Instructional Assessment Coordinator (faculty)


Responsibilities of the faculty Instructional Assessment Coordinator - Academic Senate appointment

  • promoting a culture of assessment among faculty by:
    • helping faculty find meaningful results through the effective design and analysis of assessment methods; and
    • offering assistance and training to individuals and departments; and
    • serving on the Technical Review of the Curriculum Committee and
    • providing assistance to faculty in constructing appropriate SLO and PLOs in Course Outlines of Record; and
    • identifying areas in which the college can improve in its implementation of assessment.
    • Approximately 60% of time allocation
  • providing the college with assessment expertise by:
    • attending workshops and conferences on assessment best practices and accreditation-related issues; and
    • sharing this expertise by collaborating with the Professional Learning Program to provide assessment workshops
    • Approximately 30% of time allocation
  • Collaborating with the Assessment Advisory Group (PBC subcommittee) and Accreditation Liaison Officer to:
    • contribute to annual accreditation reports.
    • Approximately 10% of time allocation