Transfer Agreements

One benefit of completing the Canada College Honors Transfer Program is enhanced transfer consideration and/or other benefits (e.g. scholarships, housing, etc...) at selected 4-year schools.

Let the Honors Counselor or Coordinator know ASAP if you are interested in using one of these agreements.  There is academic coursework and a formal process that needs to followed for these programs. 

UCLA - TAP: UCLA Transfer Alliance Program

Cañada College is a member of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program. As a member of UCLA TAP we offer our HTP graduates priority transfer admission consideration to the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences.   Over the last 4 years over 75% of our UCLA-TAP certified students were admitted.  For Fall 2021, 100% of our UCLA-TAP certified students were admitted.  Compare that to the state-wide transfer rate to UCLA of about 20-25%.  Wow!    UCLA-TAP certified students are also eligible for Honors scholarships.


UC-Irvine:  Transfer Honors and “Honors to Honors” 

Through the HTCC, UC-Irvine offers two priority transfer benefits to HTP graduates. 

  • Transfer Honors: Priority transfer admission consideration for all HTP graduates.
  • Honors to Honors: Guaranteed admission to UC-Irvine and the UCI Honors Collegium for students who meet the requirements.  Wow!   Among other requirements, you need a 3.7 GPA to qualify.

HTCC Transfer Partners 

The Cañada College is also a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC). As an HTCC member we offer HTP graduates the transfer agreements found on the HTCC website link above.  The HTCC is always working on new agreements with colleges and universities, so check back on this site to find out the latest developments. 

HTCC Transfer Partners