Benefits of Joining the Honors Transfer Program

Members of the HTP are eligible for:

  1. Priority registration in classes district-wide (Cañada, Skyline, and CSM)
  2. Specialized academic counseling to leverage Honors to meet your transfer goals
  3. Notification of Honors-related events
  4. Opportunities to apply to formally present your original research at local, regional and national conferences, including (but not limited to) the annual Cañada College Honors Research Showcase and the annual Bay Area Honors Symposium.
  5. Opportunities to formally publish your original research in the BHC journal, “Think You?!”.

Honors Transfer Program Completion

Admitted members must complete a minimum of 15 units of honors course credit with a "C" or better and have a minimum overall 3.3 transfer GPA. A maximum of two courses can be from Honors contracts.

Note: "transfer GPA" applies to transfer-level courses that you have taken at Cañada College and other institutions. Make sure that Cañada College has your transcripts from all of the other colleges you have attended.

Benefits of Completing the Honors Transfer Program

  1. Participation in the courageous pursuit of knowledge!
  2. Priority transfer opportunities at prestigious 4-year institutions through the Honors Transfer Council of California. These may include guaranteed or priority acceptance consideration, special scholarships, housing priority, pre-transfer library privileges, and a range of other academic, cultural, and social benefits. 
  3. Priority transfer opportunities at two University of California (UC) campuses:
    1. UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP):  Priority acceptance to the College of Letters and Science (once admitted, an additional application is required to enter UCLA's Honors program).
    2. UC Irvine:  Two programs.   The first offers priority acceptance and the second (Honors-to-Honors) offers guaranteed admission and admitted students are automatically accepted into UCI's honors program. 
  4. Special recognition at graduation, and notations on your transcripts and your degree/certificate.
  5. Enhanced scholarship opportunities from Cañada College and transfer institutions (e.g. UCLA TAP Scholarship)

If you have further questions, please contact Professor Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, Honors Transfer Program Coordinator, at, (650) 381-3547, Building 3, room 235.