Meet our Students


The resources provided through the EOPS/CalWORKs department have greatly impacted my success. Not only does this program provide individualized counseling, pay for my books, help with time management, it also provides workshops for continued growth. …without this important link during my course of study I would have failed miserably. The outstanding staff members ranging from the Program Services Coordinator, and Counselors have an immeasurable amount of patience, compassion and willingness toward student success, without their open door policy my achievements would have not been as successful.

Maria Lopez


The idea of going back to school as a divorced woman with three school age children frightened me, and I doubted myself. Canada College CalWORKs/EOPS Program and staff members enabled me to identify and set attainable educational goals in addition to assisting with the purchasing of textbooks and supplies. There has been many obstacles which has made me question whether or not I should continue with my goal of obtaining an A.S. in Human Services, and I contribute the continuous support from Canada CalWORKs/EOPS Program to helping me make the right choices, which is to persevere and be the example not just for my children but other families who are facing similar situations. Thank you Canada CalWORKs/EOPS Program for all you do. You have truly been an inspiration for me as I travel through this journey of making my future a better and brighter one.

Eunice Martin


“I enrolled at Canada College when I was introduced to Canada CalWORKs. Doors started opening as I found a room to rent and through CalWORKs I was able to finally find the help and guidance I needed to understand how to step by step make my dream a reality.

I will be getting my Associates Degree in 2015 and will be transferring in fall 2015. I want to get a BS in nursing and eventually get a Master’s Degree. I had many fears and doubts about my ability when I came to Canada, but through CalWORKs counselors and the tutoring that is offered I have been able to attain a 3.79 GPA , three consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List and am now an Honorary member of Phi Theta Kappa. I will be entering work study in December and look forward to contributing to the Canada campus.”

Monica Howell


“The CalWORKs program has helped me meet my goal with the counseling meeting keepings me on track with the classes I’m taking and helped me to keep on track with filing for graduation and now helping me with my transfer applications. I will be leaving Cañada College with three associate’s degrees. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be where I am today without the support.”

Jessica Bernal