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First Five San Mateo County Commission

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The First 5 San Mateo County Commission was established in March 1999. It is led by Commissioners who are appointed by the County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors.First 5 San Mateo County is governed by nine-member commission that includes public officials and community leaders from the fields of early childhood education, health care, and family support. Since its inception, First 5 San Mateo County has invested more than $68 million in local programs and has served over 26,000 children prenatal through age five and 14,000 parent and primary caregivers.

As one of First 5 San Mateo County’s first grantees, the ECE Departments at Cañada and Skyline Colleges have received over four million dollars in program assistance which has supported the textbook loan program, classroom-based student support, an extensive needs assessment, and an ECE Program Services Coordinator. The textbook loan program has provided subsidized textbooks to all ECE students since 2000.

First 5 San Mateo


Child Development Training Consortium

Educational funding opportunity

The Euducation & Human Development Department at Cañada College is part of the statewide Child Development Training Consortium. This program provides financial assistance for obtaining Child Development permits, a tuition stipend and other financial support to students.

Who is eligible?

Employees of Child Development programs and Family Child Care providers are eligible to participate in the training offered by our campus. However, priorities are as follows:

  1. Employees working in child care programs receiving state or federal funds directly through contract with CDE/CDD.
  2. Employees working in child care programs not receiving state or federal funds directly through a contract with CDE/CDD.
  3. Family Child Care Providers

In order to participate in the Consortium students must fill out a Participant Profile; please see CDTC ECE Student Career & Education Program

Contact Jamie Hui for more info: huij@smccd.edu


Early Childhood/Child Development Student Scholarship

Cañada College has a special fund that offers scholarships to qualifying students. To apply for a scholarship, students must fill out a Federal Financial Aid Application, FASFA, and a Cañada CollegeScholarship Application. For more information please contact the Cañada College Financial Aid Office.

If you would like to contribute to the ECE/Scholarship Fund, you may do so online through the San Mateo County College District Foundation. Here is the direct donation link.


San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation

CA Early Childhood Education  Mentor Teacher Program


The CA Early Childhood Education  Mentor Teacher Program provides experienced Mentors to ECE 366 Practicum students and others in the field. The San Mateo County Regional program offers seasoned teachers a chance to work with student teachers and other professional opportunities in the field. Students working with Mentors have stated that the richness and depth of supervision by their Mentor Teacher was unsurpassed.

Following completion of an initial course in mentoring, candidates interested in becoming Mentors make formal application to a local Mentor Selection Committee. Selection is based on professional qualifications and a quality review of the candidate’s classroom. Those who are selected as Mentors are paid stipends for continuing in-service training, and for the supervision of student teachers who are assigned to the Mentors’. Mentor Teacher Program Application

The San Mateo County Mentor Director Program provides experienced Mentors to any individual who would like to work with an advanced practitioner on a topic of program administration.
After an extensive selection process, those who are selected as Director Mentors are paid stipends for guiding and offering practical help to less experienced (“protégé”) directors or site supervisors. Mentor Director Program Application

The Mentor Teacher and Mentor Director Programs are supported by Skyline College, Cañada College, and Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant Quality Improvement Funds which are administered by Chabot College through a contract with the California Department of Education, Child Development Division.

For questions about the San Mateo Regional Mentor Program, contact Kate Browne, Program Coordinator brownek@smccd.edu or Patty Hall, EdD, hallp@smccd.edu or 650.306-3115.

California Early Childhooh Mentor Program,