Construction Updates

February 23, 2021

Facilities Forum: On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, the SMCCCD Facilities Team shared updates on the progress of the campus capital (construction) projects on the Cañada Campus. . The Forum was recorded and can be viewed here.

Feb 23, 2021 Update (pdf)

September 24, 2020

Facilities Forum: Sept. 24 from 2-3:30 p.m. On Thursday, September 24 the SMCCD Facilities Team will share updates on the progress of the campus capital (construction) projects. They will also provide an update regarding the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Plan and upcoming public comment period occurring in September and October. All are welcome to attend and the event Login can be found here.

Building 9 Reconfig Project

April 23, 2019

The entire campus community was invited to an informative construction forum. The SMCCCD Facilities team provided an update on the progress of the Cañada capital projects—what’s been done and what we can expect to see happen heading into the fall semester.

   Detailed updates were provided on:

  • CAN B1
  • CAN B23
  • Site work on the north plaza by B23
  • Astronomy pad in Lot 10
  • CAN B9
  • CAN Vista Housing
  • Campus logistics plan
  • Space planning for vacated spaces
  • Status of the State capital outlay project funding for CAN B13

  View Powerpoint presentation given at the forum.

January 13, 2018

Project Name: CAN B23, Math, Science and Technology Building

This project includes construction of approx. 50,000 SF New Math, Science and Technology Building, B23, at the north end of Cañada Campus, development of the exterior space enclosed by Buildings 16, 17, 18 and 22 into an attractive plaza, the expansion of parking Lot 10, and connection of Building 22 to the campus chilled-water distribution system. Building 23 is being designed with energy conservation measures and components, to receive LEED Gold Certification, and is envisioned to be a magnet to draw students, staff and visitors, to the north end of the Cañada Campus.

The site work portion is expected to commence early February 2018, and the building construction expected to commence April 2018. Construction work is expected to continue through December 2019.

To help ensure safety and functionality in and around construction areas, the contractor will be implementing required site safety and control measures:

  • Prior to return of students to campus on January 16, 2018, physical barriers, safety signs and directional signs will be placed to start directing students around the Building 23 job site. Exterior stairs just north of Building 18 will be closed and an acoustic wall will be installed just north of Building 22 to delineate key site perimeter locations. Accessible pathway from Lot 1, through Building 18, to lower campus will remain functional.
  • Starting the week of January 22, 2018, construction site, staging and parking perimeters will be fenced off with controlled access for construction personnel only. Other measures, including, safety signs, directional signs for pedestrians, way-finding signs for construction traffic, rumble strips and signs of vehicular speed controls, site barriers such as K-rails and fencing, pedestrian crosswalk, flag-persons, etc. will be implemented by the contractor.


Through the remaining course of this project:

  • Exterior stairs just north of Building 18 will be continue to remain closed, and accessible pathway will remain through Building 18 to lower campus.
  • North loop road will remain in use; but, expect to see construction traffic along this section. Service Road immediately east of the New Building 23 will remain accessible for facilities, service and fire safety personnel.
  • Contractor will implement required noise reduction measures, but, some noise should be anticipated during the course of this work, especially during the use of heavy site equipment.
  • Construction activities that may potentially impact campus academic functions, and construction deliveries that may potentially impact campus traffic, will be scheduled outside of regular work hours.
  • Limit of work will be extended to Lot 10 as parking lot expansion work progresses. Limit of work will be extended to areas adjacent to Buildings 16, 17 and 18 as the Plaza development work progresses.

Please expect to receive further construction update notices as the work progresses.

As always, please proceed with caution around construction sites, construction traffic routes, and construction parking and staging areas. Please follow directions provided through safety signs, directional signs, flag-persons etc. as all times.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused during the course of construction. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we perform significant enhancements to the Cañada Campus. 


Begin Date:1/16/2018
Begin Time: 7:30 AM

End Date:12/31/2019
End Time: 5:30 PM

Notice Caregory: Parking, Pedestrian Access, Noise

Campus Impact: Some noise is anticipated, especially to adjacent Buildings, 16, 17, 18 and 22. Please expect to see construction crew and equipment in and around the jobsite, and along the loop road.

Project Contact: Please direct any questions or concerns related to this project to:

Name: Sajid Sulaiman, Swinerton Management & Consulting, Inc.


Telephone: 650-381-3572

December 21, 2017

As wrap up 2017, I wanted to provide some updates on campus construction activities. This semester, we have made a great deal of progress on our campus! Here is a summary of what we have accomplished during the Fall 2017 semester:

  • Central plant upgrade: The old chiller has been removed, and the new (bigger) chiller has been installed and connected to the central plant. We have also added an additional cooling tower to support our new buildings. There is still a bit of remaining work to complete this project over the next couple months, and we will communicate progress to the campus.
  • Chilled water pipe: New chilled water pipe has been installed and connected to the water chiller in the upper quad near Building 3. There are a few finishing touches being done to close out this project, and we anticipate this will be complete when we return in January.
  • Landscape repair: Landscape repair for the chilled water pipe project in the upper and lower quad near Building 3 will be completed by the end of January.
  • Building 13 roof repair: Roof repairs and installation on Building 13 should be completed this weekend. All fencing and equipment related to this project will be removed by the time we return in January.
  • Building 23 (New Science Building): Site work preparation will begin on the north end of campus in early January. This includes installing construction fencing and removal of dirt on the building site.
  • Building 1: Demolition preparation is underway for Building 1. Despite popular demand, there will not be a spectacular demolition of the building (no wrecking ball or explosions – sorry!). The contractors will be making adjustments to the traffic flow and pedestrian walkways near the building and Lot 6. The pedestrian walkway will be re-striped and provide better visibility for pedestrians and vehicles travelling through campus. We anticipate demolition of Building 1 to begin in January.
  • Cell phone tower relocation: The current Sprint cell phone tower is located on Building 1, and needs to be relocated to the roof of Building 5. The most disruptive part of this project will occur today (impacting Lot 5), and the relocation should be complete when we return in January.

This Fall, the campus has been buzzing with construction activity. We can anticipate Spring to bring us even more activity. When we return from Winter Break, the campus will look different and we will have to increase our awareness of traffic, paths of travel, etc. This is an incredibly exciting time for our campus and our students, but it will be a challenging time as well. We will all have to exercise patience and understanding as we endure multiple major capital projects on campus simultaneously. We will continue to provide updates and communication to the campus, and will have another all-campus construction forum during the Spring semester. Please visit our campus construction webpage for updated information, notices, and pictures.

Thank you all for your patience and support of these important improvements to our campus. I hope everyone enjoys a restful winter break, and look forward to seeing you in 2018!

September 22, 2017

As we shift into Fall we will be shifting into gear to begin preparations on campus for our upcoming two new buildings, Canada B23 New Science and Technology Building and Canada B1 Kinesiology and Wellness Center.

Although construction for these buildings will not begin until Spring 2018, there is some infrastructure work required to be put in place over the next few months prior to the start of construction.

Some of the activity you will begin to see on campus as early as next week will include the following:

  • Week of 9/25 – 9/29:  Potholing & surveying underground utilities that will provide service to the new buildings; these locations will be temporarily fenced-off around the pothole exploration while underground utilities locations are confirmed
  • Week of 10/2 – 11/30:  Trenching and Installation of chilled water lines that will provide cooling to both new buildings as well as provide future connections to existing buildings; this work will be performed in increments across the campus to minimize sections of the campus that are being trenched and pipe installed; paths of travel during around any fenced off areas will be clearly marked; a site specific plan with a campus notice depicting which portions of the campus will be trenched / chilled water pipe installed / trench backfilled will be sent out prior to the start of this task in early October
  • Week of 10/30 (Estimated Date): Replacement of one of the campus chillers at CAN B3 Central Plant; this will require removal of the existing chiller and installation of the new chiller in the old chiller’s footprint during the end of October / early part of November
  • Week of 10/2 – 11/10: Building 13 needs a new roof; Roofers will begin mobilizing on campus first week of October and begin tearing off the roof on the North and South towers (only) of Building 1
  • Week of 10/2 – 11/30:  Canada Vista Housing Roof Replacement; Work to tear-off and replace with a new roof will begin in the next couple of weeks; contractors will be using a handful of parking spots at the furthest southern end of Lot 1 for laydown of materials during the course of the roof replacement


There will be some impact to parking in Parking Lot 1 which will be shown on the campus construction notices; a small portion of Parking Lot 2 is temporarily home to equipment that is required for the replacement of the campus chiller and staging for equipment needed to provide the trenched pathway to bring the cooling to the two new buildings on campus.

We are pleased to be moving forward with these two new buildings on campus and appreciate your support while we put this important infrastructure in place. Construction notices for these projects will be sent out to the campus community.