Building 13 Modernization

The purpose of the CAN B13 Modernization is to modernize the existing 51 year old Academic Classroom Building so that it may continue to provide facilities to serve a wide variety of classroom and faculty needs and confirm to current District operational standards, as well as provide energy efficiency and accessibilities improvements as required by code. The improvement covers the functionality of 31,614 SF building including the modernization of classrooms, faculty offices, restrooms and provide a new elevator on the south side of the building.

Building 13 Plans


The CAN B13 Modernization project will expand the instructional lab space, add distance learning facilities, add conference space for regular and adjunct faculty meetings and collaborations, address ADA compliance, replace building finishes and components that have exceeded their service life expectancy, replace the aged and undersized mechanical system and upgrades the telecommunication infrastructure to meet the needs of the building and for conformance with District and Campus Standards.


  • Programming/Design: September 2019-January 2021
  • Bidding : January 2021- April 2021
  • Construction: May 2021-September 2022
  • Completion: December 2022


DSA Review


Contact Information

Project Manager

  Thomas Lo
  (650) 378-7319

Project Assistant

  Lisa Roecks
  (650) 574-6499


  BCA Architects


  General Contractor