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Budget Development Resources

What is involved in developing a college budget? 

The process of developing a college budget can be complex because there are so many components that need to come together. Our team created an overview of the major tasks involved in the budget development process during the Spring semester. If you are interested to know more about the process, what to expect, and who is involved, this document is a great resource.

Budget Development Tasks for Budget Managers and Budget Office

How are department or division budgets developed?

Creating a department or division budget is an opportunity to engage faculty and staff for inclusive planning. To facilitate budget planning, the Budget Office developed some general guidelines and suggestions to assist with developing department and division budgets. This is a useful resource to navigate through the department or division level budgeting process.

Developing Department or Division Budgets

How are program or project budgets developed?

The Guidelines for Developing a Program/Project Budget is designed to help employees define what is needed for their program or project, and to develop a budget which includes projected expenses to put their program/project into action.  The Guidelines include various expense considerations, commonly used account codes, and a budget template.

Guidelines for Developing a Program/Project Budget

Does the term "Unrestricted Funds" mean we can spend the funds on whatever we want?

The term "Unrestricted Funds" can be a little misleading. Unrestricted funds refer to funds that are spent at the discretion of the district/college for the purposes of operations and support of our educational programming. However, as a public education institution we are required to ensure that all expenses are actual, appropriate, and necessary. We have provided some general guidelines to assist with understanding what are generally acceptable expenditures.

Actual and Necessary Expenditures

Resources, Training, and Workshop Materials

Spring 2018 Budget Breaks schedule and information: The purpose of the Budget Break is to create a space for open conversations and discussions about anything related to the college budget or operations. Join Graciano Mendoza at one of the upcoming breaks.   

2016-2017 Year End Closing Schedule - May 30, 2017 - See PDF of Closing Schedule Here
The Year End Closing Schedule lists timelines alphabetically by operational area. These District deadlines apply to ALL sources of funding. College Business Office may set earlier College timelines so that local review can be completed prior to the timelines outlined in this document. A chronological summary by month appears at the end of the document.

College Budget De-Mystified Workshop - May 11, 2017

ProCard Training Workshop - March 2016

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