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Maps, Directions & Parking
Find Your Way to Cañada College and Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Educational Events and Programs

Cañada offers more than a degree, we offer an experience! Check out all of Student Life's Educational Events and Programs to see how you can have the best experience here.You can even Suggest a Program, or Help Put a Program On

Keep up with all our programs on our Facebook Page

Be a part of our iCAN Campaign and Sign Up for a Photoshoot


Check out Cañada College Event Calender for Sport Events, Special Speakers, Spirit Days, and Holidays.



Spring Calender

Programs from Summer-Fall 2013

Programs for Spring 2014


Highlighted Social Justice Programs from Previous Years:

Programs from 2012-2013

Programs from 2011-2012

Programming Calendar 2011-2012


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