Retention Specialist Science & Health


STEM Counseling is transitioning to a STEM Retention Specialist. Please check back in the fall 2023 semester for updates. 

  • Working with:
  • Retention Specialist Hours: 
  • How to make an appointment (New Process):
    • You can now schedule your own appointment. Click on your student success link in your OneLogin student portal account. For step-by-step instructions, use this link:    
    • If you have trouble scheduling an appointment on your own or have any issues/concerns:
      • Contact Gonzalo Arrizon at or call/text 510-936-1180 or 
      • Other staff that can make counseling appointments for you:  
        • If you are an NSF scholar, contact Kenna Klass 
        • If you are a Promise student, the Promise program staff can also make counseling appointments.
        • Contact the Welcome Center at or call 650-306-3452