Due to COVID-19, Peer Mentoring has gone virtual!





 Candice Johnson

Program Services Coordinator, BTO & STEM Peer Mentorship Programs

Email: johnsonc@smccd.edu



We're here this Fall!

The BTO & STEM Peer Mentors are here to support you!  If you had a Peer Mentor in Spring 2020, they may still be available.  If you did not have a Peer Mentor, you can still get support.  Check this page for motivational videos and online learning tips!

Some words of encouragement:


                          Wimeshi Roberts                                                                  Precious Sunday                                                                   

BTO Peer Mentor & Writing Tutor, Learning Center                             STEM Peer Mentor, STEM Center  


                              Anna Diaz                                                                               Shima Nejati
             STEM Peer Mentor, STEM Center                              STEM Peer Mentor & EPIC Leader, STEM Center 


Our theme for Fall 2020: Community

How do you maintain community at a community college whose campus is closed?  Connect virtually with the people!  Each week, join your BTO and STEM Peer Mentors for The More You Know w/ the Peer Mentors, Mentor-led discussions on topics you care about.  Have a suggestion for a topic?  Email us at iwillsucceed@my.smccd.edu!

If You Stay Ready, You Don't Have to Get Ready.

2020 has been a wild ride so far, right?  We commend you for continuing your education during this tumultuous time.  At times, you may feel like giving up - and that is totally understandable.  We invite you to consider this: what if you didn't give up?  What impact would forward-movement have on your life - your academic success, career, overall happiness and well-being?

Cañada College is committed to creating an online learning environment that is as welcoming and supportive as the physical campus on which we have thrived.  At times, you may need some encouragement or motivation, and maybe some tips for academic success.  That's where your Peer Mentors come in!  Check out the videos below for words of encouragement, tips on staying motivated, and strategies for success in your online courses.


Tips for online learning:

                           Chili Montian
            STEM Peer Mentor & VP of ASCC

How to Stay Motivated       

Stay connected to Student Services                

Self-Care Over Everything

Tips for Success - Online Learning (Coming soon!)


Study Tips Archives

Finals Study Skills: Best Practices in the Time of The Rona

Additional Finals Study Resources

5 Day Study Plan: Guide

5 Day Study Plan: Worksheet



Welcome to the Bridge to Opportunities Peer Mentorship Program!

Bridge to Opportunities Peer Mentorship Program provides support to students throughout their college experience beginning with their transition into their first year in college up until their successful transfer into a 4-year university.  The goal of program is to foster academic excellence through peer-to-peer support. Peer mentors support their student mentees by encouraging them to embrace college life and increase their knowledge about resources that will help them succeed.

Our program offers three tiers of mentorship:

Start Strong: Peer mentorship is provided to students transitioning into their first year at Cañada to build their academic toolkit for success.

Stay Strong: As students continue with their college education, peer mentorship is provided to encourage students to persist with their education, motivate them to continue to excel academically in order to reach their transfer and graduation objective.

Finish Strong: Peer mentorship is provided to support students who are transfer-ready and assist them with the transfer process while maintaining academic excellence. 


Who are BTO Peer Mentors?

What is a BTO Mentee?

A Peer Mentor is a current student who is engaged in a mentee’s progress. They are assigned a student(s) to provide support and guide them through their college experience. BTO Peer Mentors come from diverse backgrounds and they are trained in various services available to students. They establish a strong, personal relationship with mentees, help them achieve academic success, and get mentees acquainted with campus life at Cañada College.

Mentees are students from traditionally underserved and underrepresented backgrounds who want to excel in academics and be actively involved with Cañada College campus life