Meet the BTO Peer Mentors and Staff (2018-2019)


Start Strong


Peer mentorship is provided to students transitioning into their first year at Cañada to build their academic toolkit for success.




Name: Jennifer Guerrero Sandoval, BTO Peer Mentor  
Liberal Studies, AA in English & Certificate in Bilingualism and Biliteracy
Tutoring Subjects: N/A

"I you discover your voice in your education!"

Bio: Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer and this will be my third year at Canada college. I’m majoring in Liberal Studies with a AA in English and trying to complete a Certificate in Bilingualism and Bilaterally. I’m planning to transfer to San Francisco State, San Jose State, or Notre Dame University these are my top three universities. Last year I was a mentee, I learned about the many programs that are offered at Canada and was introduced to the most amazing people that are eager to help students. My passions/motivations are three simple things; 1. Family, 2. Education , and finally 3. Friends. I can’t wait to meet you all! I you discover your voice in your education!"





Name: Guyen Galindev, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Economics 
Tutoring Subjects: Economics & Accounting

"A strong body can win one victory...A strong spirit can win many...I can help you to reach your educational goal"
Bio: I am originally from Mongolia and I have been working as a graphic designer for 7 years and now I am studying Economics here in Cañada College. I like to listen to podcasts and do fencing. Come talk to me, I am here to help.






Name: Kimberly Ortega , BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Psychology
Tutoring Subjects: English

“I you be more organized and help time manage better when you need it"
Bio:I want to transfer to NDNU. I want to get my masters in Psychology. I want to be able to meet as many people as possible. Somethings that I like to do is read for myself. I love watching movies, especially marvel movies, and watching NETFLIX. My favorite superhero is Spider-man. Another thing I like is music whether it's just to do homework or making mashup. With the mashups sometimes, since I love to sing, I would add my own voice and make it a remix. I also like spending time with my friends and family.

Stay Strong


As students continue with their college education, peer mentorship is provided to encourage students to persist with their education, motivate them to continue to excel academically in order to reach their transfer and graduation objective.




Name: Chelsea Brown, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Psychology/Pre-med
Tutoring Subjects: Human Biology, Statistics, Interpersonal Communication, and English.

“I there for you while you work towards your goals!”

Bio: Hi there! My name is Chelsea Brown and I am a first-generation college student who is coming back to school after several years of being out of school. It was hard at first but getting involved on campus really helped make my transition back to school a lot easier and way more fun. Now I am majoring in Psychology with a Pre-med focus and my goal is to transfer to a 4-year university. I know that balancing school, work, and your personal life can be a challenge for any student, but I want you to know you are not alone and there is support for you. I really care about connecting with other students and being a part of the great campus community we have. I can’t wait to get to know other students and support them while they work towards their goals. A few random facts about me: I love Game of Thrones, my favorite musician is Amy Winehouse, and I love cooking.




Name: Laura Hincapie V, BTO Peer Mentor  
Major: Allied Health/ Nursing
Tutoring Subjects: Anatomy, Physiology

“I CAN...encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world”

Bio: Hey beautiful people! My name is Laura and I'm from Medellin, Colombia. I came to the U.S. 4 years ago to learn English, an opportunity that opened the doors to pursue a career in Health Care here at Cañada College. My goal is to become a trauma nurse and eventually a Cardiovascular Surgeon. I have experienced the difficulties of being a college student such as having financial challenges, having a part-time job, and having your loved ones far away. Still, I wouldn't choose another life. Having experience this, I can support you to and get you through whatever is on your way. I love camping, hiking, road-trips, working out, having a good cup of coffee, or a glass of wine while talking to my friends about life!






Name: Natalia Fonseca, BTO Peer Mentor  
Major: Economics & Computer Science
Tutoring Subjects: English, History, Political Science

“I you reach your goals

Bio: My goals are to transfer to NYU, and to possibly get into some UC's. I love to listen to music, learn new things, and workout. Some of my hobbies include cooking, listening to music, and watching youtube videos.

Finish Strong


Peer mentorship is provided to support students who are transfer-ready and can help them prepare to be academically successful at a 4-year university.


jessica yu



Name: Jessica Yu, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Bioengineering
Tutoring Subjects:

"I CAN…help you achieve your goals”

Bio: My name is Jessica Yu and my intended major is Bioengineering. I have been at Cañada College for 2 years. I think the strongest mentoring strength I have is active listening. The reason I became a mentor is that I want to help students. As a student myself, I have encountered many common problems during my college life. I truly believe that sharing my experience with other fellow students would help them avoid unnecessary obstacles while pursing educational success.




Name: Wimeshi S. Delay, BTO Peer Mentor  
Major: Biology and Nursing (Double Majoring)
Tutoring Subjects: English 100,110, English Writing, Human Biology, & Communication Studies


Bio: My main goal at this moment is to complete my degrees and transfer to one of the universities that I have in mind. Another goal of mine is to participate in a lot of clubs and be an active member of the campus. I like hiking and playing tennis. I also like music and singing even though I am not the best at it. My hobbies include collecting stamps from all around the world. Also, I love to read during my free time. If watching “Game of Thrones” counts as a hobby, then I do that very frequently too. My school goal is to do well in my classes and maintain my GPA. Then it will be really easy for me to transfer to UCLA or Berkeley. I also like to get involved in a lot of campus-based extracurricular activities.

I am an international student. I am a very friendly person and fun to be around. I love to listen and help you in any possible way I can. I have one younger brother who I miss so much! You can get to know me more if we meet and talk in person.





Name: Noluthando Mbanjwa, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Civil Engineering
Tutoring Subjects: English

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness"

 Bio: I would like to transfer to a 4 year university like UC Berkley or San Jose State. My hobbies are hiking, camping, traveling and exploring new place, movies ,and watching Netflix. I love being organized, being punctual for all my classes, and making sure I try my utmost best to achieve my life goals. I love helping people around me who need assistance, so come talk to me!

 BTO Staff





Name: Candice Johnson, Program Services Coordinator & Cañada Alum
Major: Human Services w/ a concentration in Counseling
Tutoring Subjects: English/writing, Human Services
“I CAN” connect you to a Peer Mentor who will support you, motivate you to reach your goals, and connect you to campus resources"
Bio: What are your goals? What do you like to do? Hobbies? Tell your mentees about your school goals and something about you. As the supervisor of awesome, helpful peer leaders, my goal is to expose the benefits of having a Peer Mentor to create a community of student-to-student support.  When I was a Cañada student, I found that I was far more likely to take advice from only 1 counselor but several classmates; that’s why I took this position.  When your peers are well-informed and trained to work with you through problems and connect you to services, it makes college seem more doable. Many of us suffer from “imposter syndrome:” feeling like we’re faking being a college student, as if we don’t belong. I want students to thrive on the fact that you do belong, you are capable, and you are wanted here. When I’m not motivating students, I like to read, have casual get-togethers with friends and family, go to the movies, and occasionally travel!




Name: James Macale, Counselor - BTO, A2B, TRIO SSS
Availability: Tuesdays 10:30am - 7pm, and Thursdays 1pm - 7pm