Q- Am I obligated to attend weekly meetings with my mentor and/or the workshops and seminars throughout the semester?
A- No, you are not. However, the more you actively participate in the program, the higher your chances will be to be successful each semester.


Q- When are the mentors available to meet with the mentees?
A- The mentors will be available from M-F beginning in the morning until the evening. Each mentor has a different schedule. You would need to contact your mentor directly to receive their office hours.


Q- Are there any costs to be a member of this program?
A- No, there are no costs. Everything is provided free of charge as well as food at all of the events.


Q- Some of the other programs on campus ask for a social security number on their applications. Do I need a social security number to be eligible for the Beating the Odds Peer Mentorship Program?
A- No, you do not need a social security number to be eligible for our program.  We proudly serve students who are AB-540 or undocumented.


Q- What if one of my parents graduated from college but the other did not. Am I still eligible?
A-Yes, if one or more of you parents graduated from college then you are still eligible for our program.  We have recently expanded our program to help all students.


Q- If I am already a member of TRIO or EOPS/CARES or DRC, etc., can I still be a part of the Bridge to Opportunities Program?
A- Yes, you may. There are no limitations on the amount of support services you can receive while a member of this program.