New STEM students


To become a STEM student at Canada College:

  1. Follow steps 1-10 on the Admission and Records page.
    • IMPORTANT: When you get to step 4 (Counseling Session), make an appointment with our STEM Counselors to REGISTER for CLASSES and/or make sure you are in the RIGHT classes for your STEM MAJOR.


 If you place into both ENGL 100 and MATH 225, you are eligible to be part of a special cohort (or group of students) that takes the same set of core classes together their first year. You’ll make friends, find the best study partners, work with other students who share your major, be the first to hear about scholarship and internship opportunities!

If you are NEW and DON'T  place into both ENGL 100 and MATH 225, come talk to Gonzalo or Sally about the still amazing opportunities available to you!


 STEM pathway flyer