Online Drop-In Hours

Do you need general assistance?

Need help adding or dropping classes, or would you just like to speak with a live student ambassador and get advice? Ask your questions during our Virtual Drop-In Hours. See the full schedule below.  

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Zoom Drop In Schedule

 Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9-10 n/a Rocio Rocio Kimberly n/a
10-11 n/a Rocio Rocio Kimberly n/a
11-12 Guadalupe Guadalupe Guadalupe Guadalupe Kimberly
12-1 Guadalupe Ruby Guadalupe Guadalupe Kimberly
1-2 Ruby Ruby Ruby  Ruby Kimberly
Ruby Guadalupe Ruby Ruby n/a
Kimberly Guadalupe Emma Kimberly n/a
Kimberly n/a Emma Kimberly n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Meet the students who will be assisting you!