Cañada Middle College High School

The application for Fall 2022 will open in January of 2022.

Are you just the right student for the Cañada Middle College program, a unique partnership between the SUHSD and Cañada College? 

This program is designed to help students finish high school and start college in a small school-within-a-school environment, all for FREE! The Middle College program is a bridge to college in which students finish earning their high school requirements and start earning college credits at Cañada College, all while receiving support and guidance from caring teachers. While Middle College students take all of their classes Cañada College, they can continue to participate in school activities, such as sports, dances, and graduation ceremonies. All graduates receive a high school diploma from their home school in the Sequoia district. 

Students who are a bit more independent thrive at Middle College. Middle College students are mature and like being challenged, but perhaps are not entirely engaged in the traditional high school setting. All Middle College graduates finish high school with a year to a year-and-a-half of college credit completed. This saves graduates time and money when they attend college after high school graduation, especially when considering the quickly increasing costs of a four-year education. All courses are held at Cañada College, and  students in Cañada's Middle College program quickly discover the joy and benefits of self-directed learning in a stimulating and diverse college atmosphere.

We are looking for 55 current sophomores to become our junior class in Fall 2022. Depending on availability, we are sometimes able accept a small number of rising seniors, so current juniors are also encouraged to apply. 


  • Will be a Junior or Senior in good standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above.
  • Is on track for graduation: Minimum 90 credits for a junior, Minimum 145 credits for a senior
  • Has passed Algebra 1 & Geometry with C's or better
  • Has the ability to thrive in an alternative environment
  • Desires to complete high school and begin college courses
  • Demonstrates the maturity to cope with the challenges and relative freedom of a college environment
  • May show a discrepancy between standardized test scores and actual grades, indicating that she/he is not working up to potential
  • Has demonstrated appropriate, responsible and respectful behavior on the high school campus
  • Is a resident of Sequoia Union High School District
  • Eligible for English 836/847/105 and Math 120 or above per Cañada's placement guidelines


  • An exciting alternative to the traditional high school environment
  • A head start on your college degree while earning your high school diploma
  • Transition to college in a flexible, supportive and academically enriched environment
  • A refreshing challenge
  • FREE Tuition
  • Access to complete college services - all of the services and facilities of the college are available to Middle College students, including:

For a detailed overview, watch this informational video in English/Spanish