Cañada College no longer uses assessment testing to determine Math and English placement.

Options for Initial Course Placement in Math and English:

On the Application you submitted via CCCApply, there were questions regarding placement for your English and Math courses in high school. If you did not do this, or this does not apply to you, you can:
1. Submit your information via WebSMART:

    • Go to www.websmart.smccd.edu
    • Go to the top of the page and Click on the "Student" tab, and under the "Student Services" section, select the link for "Student Records"
    • In the "Student Records" page, select "High School Transcript Information"
    • Fill out the appropriate fields in this section.

2. Submit your request via email. In this email, please include your G Number, Highschool GPA, and High School Math and English course titles and grades along with your formal High School Transcripts. Please send this email to:canadaplacement@smccd.edu


If the previous two methods are not possible, here are additional ways to have your placement in Math and English reviewed:

1. Have an electronic copy of any of the following documents and schedule an online/Zoom appointment with an academic counselor. To schedule an appointment, please email canadawelcomecenter@smccd.edu or call the Welcome Center at (650) 306-3452 and leave a message.

  • AP Scores (Results may not be conditional)
  • Unofficial Transcripts from another College or University

Please contact The Welcome Center at canadawelcomecenter@smccd.edu or call (650) 306-3452 and leave a message to schedule an online/zoom appointment with an academic counselor.


Options for Initial Course Placement in ESL:

ESL Placement Testing is offered over zoom through individual appointments scheduled on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

The placement testing takes approximately 2 hours to complete. To take this test which is proctored, students must have a laptop or computer with camera.

To set up an appointment and learn more about this process, please contact the Welcome Center at canadaplacement@smccd.edu or call (650) 306-3452.