Student Testimonials


Hongli (Bob) Zhao

Mathematics, Class of 2018

Transferred to UC Berkeley

My name is Hongli Zhao and I’m originally from China. I will be studying Applied Mathematics and Data Science at UC Berkeley in Fall 2018. I have always enjoyed the small, cozy, family-like environment at Cañada. People are especially friendly and each one of them becomes a part of my life journey. At Cañada, you really get to know everyone on a personal level and find out about their uniqueness. I want to thank Paul Roscelli, Cecilia Costelow, and Professor Po Tong. In general, I will miss the cozy atmosphere as well as a lot of people I can name, who have been part of my life journey. My advice to new international students is be open-minded, stay out of your comfort zone, never be discouraged, confront the difficulties, look at the long-run, work towards your end goal, and stay relaxed.


Luis Mendez
El Salvador

Economics, Class of 2018

Transferred to Notre Dame de Namur University

My name is Luis Mendez and I am originally from El Salvador. I just completed my second year at Cañada and will be transferring to Notre Dame de Namur University for the Fall 2018 semester on a full President’s Scholarship where I’ll be studying International Business. What I will miss the most is the feeling of belonging to a small yet incredible community. I’ll miss being involved on campus because that is what helped me meet so many new people. My advice to new international students is to put yourself out there and get involved on campus! That is really important because you will not only meet new people, but put into practice what you learned in the classroom. I was to thank Misha Maggi for being my mentor and the International Student Center Staff for making my experience as an international student unforgettable.


Zin Zin Ye Myint

Fashion Merchandising, Class of 2018

Transferred to Academy of Art University

My name is Zin Zin Ye Myint and I am originally from Myanmar. I am transferring to the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I’ll be majoring in Fashion Styling. The best thing that happened to me at Cañada is that I met a lot of people from different countries. I have created relationships with them from participating in class activities. These friends are always inspiring me in different ways. It changed my perspectives on life. I would like to thank my professors, the staff, and every faculty member at Cañada. They prepared me well to pursue my educational goals. I'll never forget all of the memories I had with my friends and professors. I can assure all international students that this amazing school has changed my life. I had an amazing experience. My advice to new international students is to be yourself. Don’t change for anyone. Truly, your professors and everyone on campus want the best for you.


Iffah Jasni

Psychology, Class of 2017

Transferred to Boston University

How could I ever forget a place as welcoming as Cañada College? From the assiduous and approachable professors, welcoming librarians, driven classmates and the conscientious people at the International Student Office, I have not only enjoyed studying here, but meeting people from different backgrounds has been exciting too. Here, I am constantly reminded that no matter who you are and what your age, you can go anywhere you want. What will I miss? The friendly people, the small classes, the professors I've befriended and the endless support provided here. Thank you very much, Cañada College!


Andres Cuellar
El Salvador

Communication Studies, Class of 2016

Transferred to San Jose State University

My experience at Cañada College was great. At first trying to be a student and an athlete at the same time seemed complicated, but thanks to the wonderful people at Cañada College, my experience was amazing. I always felt the support that motivated me to work hard and achieve my main goal of transferring to a 4-year university. I feel sad that this stage of my life is finished, because I have many good memories that I will take with me forever. I became very involved and served as a Student Ambassador in the International Student Center and the Outreach Department and spent most of my time on campus. Now that I am transferring to San Jose State University I feel ready to face this challenge and confident that everything will go well because Cañada College provided me with the tools that will definitely help me at the university.


Moody Metry

Engineering, Class of 2016

Transferred to University of Illinois, Chicago

Being at Cañada College was not just a matter of taking classes. Cañada College was the place where I discovered that there are no boundaries for setting goals. I was able to find out my real potential of being a student and a leader. There was something very unique about the community at Canada College that allowed me to achieve my goals. From professors, staff, tutors, mentors, friends, to even the study spaces, I always felt like Cañada College was my home, I stayed at Cañada much more than I stayed at my home. The small and very diverse community ensured that I would fit in somewhere, and I did. It was not until I started to get involved in the student government and serving as an International Student Ambassador and a tutor, that I was able to grow from being a student to a leader, and from being pessimistic to ambitious. There was always that person who supported me when I needed it the most. Wherever I will go next, I will always remember that Cañada College was the first.