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Student Testimonials


"How could I ever forget a place as welcoming as Cañada College?  From the assiduous and approachable professors, welcoming librarians, driven classmates and the conscientious people at the International Student Office, I have not only enjoyed studying here, but meeting people from different backgrounds has been exciting too. Here, I am constantly reminded that no matter who you are and what your age, you can go anywhere you want.  What will I miss? The friendly people, the small classes, the professors I've befriended and the endless support provided here.  Thank you very much, Cañada College!"

Iffah Jasni, Malaysia
Psychology, Class of 2017
Transferred to Boston University



"My two years at Cañada College is an experience I will never forget. I enjoyed all my classes and had a wonderful time, participating in small classes makes it easier to make connections with my classmates and instructors. I talked to my professors a lot, they’re all friendly and interesting people to talk with. With their help, I became a very active student in class (which I never foresee before I came to Canada College!). The International Student Center is always there for me when I have a question, when I want someone to talk to, or just when I want to share my happy experience with someone. Getting involved in clubs and student government gave me lots of friends and a sense of community. I miss Cañada so much already and I’m so proud of being part of it. 

Xinyi (Magnolia) Huang, China
Psychology, Class of 2016
Transferred to UC Berkeley 

"My time at Cañada College has been an unforgettable experience. The first impression that I had of Cañada College was that it was a small college, but that is why this college is amazing, it's a tight community and peer tutors and professors are passionate about helping students. Also, the STEM Center has special programs to help students succeed in math and science classes.  The support at the STEM Center is an overwhelming advantage and phenomenal. I am proud of being a transfer student and will always miss Cañada College."

Shaoyang (Charles) Xue, China
Engineering, Class of 2016
Transferred to UCLA

"Being at Cañada College was not just a matter of taking classes. Cañada College was the place where I discovered that there are no boundaries for setting goals. I was able to find out my real potential of being a student and a leader. There was something very unique about the community at Canada College that allowed me to achieve my goals.  From professors, staff, tutors, mentors, friends, to even the study spaces, I always felt like Cañada College was my home, I stayed at Cañada much more than I stayed at my home. The small and very diverse community ensured that I would fit in somewhere, and I did. It was not until I started to get involved in the student government and serving as an International Student Ambassador and a tutor, that I was able to grow from being a student to a leader, and from being pessimistic to ambitious. There was always that person who supported me when I needed it the most. Wherever I will go next, I will always remember that Cañada College was the first."

Moody Metry, Egypt
Engineering, Class of 2016
Transferred to University of Illinois, Chicago

"My experience at Cañada College was great. At first trying to be a student and an athlete at the same time seemed complicated, but thanks to the wonderful people at Cañada College, my experience was amazing. I always felt the support that motivated me to work hard and achieve my main goal of transferring to a 4-year university. I feel sad that this stage of my life is finished, because I have many good memories that I will take with me forever. I became very involved and served as a Student Ambassador in the International Student Center and the Outreach Department and spent most of my time on campus. Now that I am transferring to San Jose State University I feel ready to face this challenge and confident that everything will go well because Cañada College provided me with the tools that will definitely help me at the university."

Andres Cuellar, El Salvador
Communication Studies, Class of 2016
Transferred to San Jose State University

"I had an extremely wonderful experience at Cañada College.  I worked as a tutor at the Learning Center and a student assistant at the Welcome Center and I learned a lot from working on campus.  The professors and staff are all really friendly and willing to help students as much as they can.  The campus is amazing and beautiful, it's not big but that's the best advantage for students, because we get more help and attention.  Classes are small and it's easy to make friends.  I feel lucky that I chose Cañada College and I'm happy to be transferring to San Francisco State University in Fashion Design and Merchandising."

Zhuwei (Janelle) Li, China
Fashion Design and Merchandising, Class of 2016
Transferred to San Francisco State University

"Getting a degree seemed like a distant dream, and coming to the U.S. was terrifying. I owe all the success of my journey to the student and family-oriented ambiance that Cañada College creates for everyone, especially for its international students. Cañada helped me make my dream of transferring to the American Music and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles come true, so believe me when I say; from here, you can go anywhere!" #iCanGrad2016

Dominique Franceschi Suescun, Colombia
Dance and Communication Studies, Class of 2016
Transferred to American Music and Dramatic Academy, Los Angeles
 Oi Lam Sou

"I didn't expect the size of Cañada College and didn’t expect that I would get so much support at this little college either. Now that I’m transferring I have learned that I love this place and will miss it so much. Cañada College is a student-oriented community college. The resources and support it provides to students are so overwhelming, I can’t even name them all. My favorite program here is the free tutoring service provided by the STEM Center and Learning Center. The International Student Center at Cañada College feels like my second home now. The small class sizes exposed me to more opportunities to connect with peers and faculty, which enhanced my academic performance. People here are helpful and friendly, every single one of the professors I know have been caring and patient.  Over the two years here I always had places to go and things sorted out whenever I encountered problems or difficulties. I’m proud to say I’m a Cañadian!"

Oi Lam Sou, Macau
Computer Science, Class of 2016
Transferred to UC Davis


"Studying at Cañada College made me well prepared to transfer to any universities. It's truly been a nice experience and also an important part of my life. From here we can go anywhere."

Gai Cheng, China
Engineering, Class of 2016
Transferred to UC Davis

"I have been studying at Cañada College for two years and feel really good.  The professors are very nice and helpful.  There are helpful counselors and international advisors, who can help students do better.  I like this college and was provided lots of support to transfer to San Jose State University."

Kezhen Chen, China
Business Administration, Class of 2016
Transferred to San Jose State University
Hu Ran

"I have studied in Cañada College for two years.  During these two years, I grew up and become familiar with American culture, and become more and more confident.  I joined the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and became an Honor Student.  I received enormous help with my studies and life from the Learning Center and the International Student Center.  Now I am graduating and am transferring to UC Berkeley.  I have to say, Thank you to the amazing faculty and staff at Cañada College!"

Hu Ran, China
Economics & Mathematics, Class of 2016
Transferred to UC Berkeley

"I studied at Cañada College for three years and had the opportunity to serve as an International Student Ambassador and the International Club President.  This valuable experience made me more brave and confident to face and overcome difficulties. Professors and staff at Cañada College are very easy to get along with and willing to help students. The Learning Center, tutor program and International Office are always eager to assist. I highly recommend Cañada College to anyone who wants to be more professional and successful."

Tianqi (Lily) Zheng, China
Accounting, Class of 2015
Transferred to UC Santa Cruz

"I'm honored to be a Cañada College student. Cañada College is a wonderful school where every student is known and loved. I'm impressed by the facilities and support that the College offers, but most of all the friendliness and welcoming attitude of everyone.  I can look back at the last two unforgettable years I have had at this school as wonderful memories."

Wingkit (Justin) Lau, Hong Kong
Economics, Class of 2015
Transferred to UC Berkeley

"I came to Cañada College with little knowledge of English.  I made my way up, thanks to professors, tutors, and counselors that were always happy to help.  My student journey at the College was not easy but definitely rewarding.  With the help of the Fashion Design Department and the internship class, I found a place to apply what I learned in class and am currently an intern for a fashion designer.  After I graduate, she hired me to work as her assistant.  I will misss coming to Cañada College!"

Lissette Saravia, El Salvador
Fashion Design, Class of 2014

"During the two and a half years I was at Cañada College, I learned a lot.  The experience was wonderful.  The faculty and staff are really friendly and helpful, they always have good advice for you.  Besides learning a lot and improving my English, the best part about Cañada is that people are from all over the world and I met people with different customs and traditions who became my friends.  Cañada College gave me the necessary tools and knowledge for real life.  I am well prepared and thanks to my education at Cañada, I am now a head teacher at a preschool program."

Gabriela Gomez, Mexico
Early Childhood Education, Class of 2014

“It’s my last semester for me at Cañada College. I have been here for almost two years. The study life of Cañada College is wonderful. I have been the President of the International Culture Exchange Club and also, an ambassador at the International Student Center, which definitely helped me to improve my leadership and practice my English. Also, I like the students and teachers at Cañada College. They are very helpful and friendly, especially the tutors, they are really awesome. I’m sure after I transfer to another school, I’ll really miss it here, so I highly recommend Cañada College.”

Ruixuan (Cherry) Zhang, China
Communications, Class of 2014
Transferred to UC San Diego

"Cañada College is the best place for those who are looking for quality education and great cultural experiences. Everyone is so helpful here. The staff always has a smile on their faces and they are eager to help. There are many programs to help students who are struggling and to prepare us for a professional life outside of campus. The International Student Center has been incredibly helpful and efficient. They listen to you, send you birthday cards, give you immigration reminders and even proofread your resume. You could not ask for anything more."

Carla Souza, Brazil
Early Childhood Education, Class of 2014

"One of the unique aspects of Cañada is that it's very small compared to other community colleges.  So because of that the students and faculty are very close to each other.  We're like a big family.  Soon after I arrived, I was accepted into this family and ever since it's been a phenomenal experience.  Everywhere I've turned to there's always been help and support.  At Cañada, we all help each other succeed."

See Soroush's video testimonial here:

Soroush Motahari, Canada
Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2013
Transferred to UC Berkeley

"Here at Cañada, you can find people with the same interests, who are willing to share their time and knowledge, which has made it easier for me to feel comfortable with college life."

Renata Horvath, Hungary
Fine Art, Class of 2013

"I’ll never forget college life at Cañada College. I served as a Senator in the Association Students of Cañada College (ASCC student government) and Vice-president of the International Club. It was a new and helpful experience to study English and improve my leadership skills. Cañada College not only provides quality education but it also gave me the chance to meet new friends, experience a new culture, and discover more about myself. Faculty and staff at Cañada College supported and encouraged me educationally and personally, just like a family. Life at Cañada College has led me closer towards accomplishing my dreams. I already transferred to another school, but I totally miss Cañada College. I love Cañada."

Doo Young (Dennis) Jung, South Korea
Health Science, Class of 2012
Transferred to University of San Francisco

"I learned a lot about the campus during international student orientation.  It was great to know that there is assistance and support from all sides at Cañada College.  Apart from being informed about this new life as an international student, I got the opportunity to meet many new students from around the world.  It was very exciting for me to know the new student I will embark on this new journey with."

Dominique Chainee, South Africa
Business Administration

"I am proud of being a student at Cañada College.  All of the faculty and staff have done an amazing job in terms of helping me on my transition as an international student into the American college system."

Darwin Silva, Uruguay
Political Science
Transferred to John Brown University with a soccer scholarship

"All my classes that I took at Cañada College transferred without any problems but what I take most from Cañada College is the excellent professors.  It was very surprising to me when I transferred that I was not only at the same level as the students who went to the 4-year institutition but at times, I was even more prepared and had better professors at Cañada College."

 See Sofia's video testimonial here:

Sofia Lozano, Mexico
International Studies/Sociology, Class of 2009
Transferred to Notre Dame de Namur University with a full scholarship