The Alternate Media Center (AMC)


The Alternate Media Center is part of the Disability Resource Center at Cañada College.  It produces instructional materials (textbooks, course materials, exams, class schedules) in alternate format for students with disabilities and provides trainings for students, fauclty, and staff about how to use assistive technology resources such as:


  • Kurzweill 3000 – scanning/reading software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice recognition system
  • ZoomText Xtra 9 – screen magnification for DSO and Windows
  • JAWS – screen reader for windows


In order to access and use the Alternate Media Center, students with disabilities must have basic computer skills and meet eligibility requirements of the Disability Resource Center.  For additional information, contact the AMC at 650.306.3170(V) or 650.306.3161 (TDD/TTY).