The Disability Resource Center (DRC)

About Us

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is part of the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center consists of three centers: DRC; Personal Counseling Center (PCC), and the Health Center. The CARES Team is also part of the Wellness Center.  These centers are united under the Wellness Center to provide a safe and central place for students who need personal assistance.

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Disability Center


Mission Statement

The DRC’s mission is to ensure access to equitable educational opportunities and provide educational support, so that students with any functional limitations that impact learning will be able to successfully learn and develop the skills that are necessary to become independent global citizens. 



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7:30AM to 3:30PM Daily

Note: Virtual and in-person appointments are available after 3:30pm, depending on availability. Please inquire for more information.

Contact Information

Phone: (650) 306-3259 (please give us 48 business hours to return voicemails)

Text: (650) 530-0857 (probabaly the fastest way to get a hold of us if we do not answer the phone)

Fax:(650) 306-3185

Email us any time: (please give us 48 business hours to return emails)