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Catalog Rights Information

Each Catalog covers an academic year that reflects enrollment beginning with the fall term and includes subsequent spring and summer terms. Having “catalog rights” means students are held to the graduation requirements listed in the catalog at the time enrollment begins. Students may choose to use catalog rights for any subsequent year of continuous enrollment. For Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College, catalog rights apply to enrollment in any of the San Mateo County Community College District colleges.

Has your degree program requirements changed since you enrolled? Discuss your catalog rights with a counselor today.

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EXPIRED: Catalog-Rights Version of the 2021-2022 Catalog

2021-2021 Catalog CoverThe Catalog-Rights, PDF version of 2021-2022 Cañada College Catalog (EXPIRED) can be read/downloaded as a PDF via the previous link, or click on the catalog cover image.  

This version was published in the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, and it is your contract with the college. It remains unchanged from the first day of publishing.

Download the final, most up-to-date version of the catalog PDF for the 2021-2022 academic year

At the end of the Summer 2022 semester, we will ARCHIVE both this original, Catalog-Rights version, as well as the final, updated PDF version, found here in our Catalog Website. 

For the complete list of changes to the 2021-2022 catalog, please see the chart below.



Catalog Updates, Corrections, and Curriculum Amendments to the EXPIRED 2021-2022 Catalog

DATE Amendments, Changes, C-ID Approvals 
7/10/21 2021-2022 "Catalog-Rights" Version 1 was published on 7/10/21
7/19/21 "Colts Academy" name /description was changed to "COLTS-Con" under "Student Services and Special Programs"
7/19/21 "Learning Center" description was updated under "Student Services and Special Programs
7/19/21 "Library" description was updated under "Student Services and Special Programs"
7/20/21 "" is no longer a valid URL. It has been replaced with "" throughout the catalog. The website offers information about transfer degrees, affordable education, career planning, financial aid and more. 
7/21/21 Public Safety building location was updated from building 9 to building 22.
7/22/21 Language was updated in Registration section (Steps to Success) regarding AB 705 and further student rights: “Depending on your educational goal or program of study, not all students need to take English and/or Math courses. Please consult your counselor.”
7/26/21 Active WebSMART links were replced with the new WebSMART web address: 
8/2/21 The President's Welcome in the "Welcome" section was updated to reflect our current Interim President, Kim Lopez
8/2/21 Airforce ROTC email and info was corrected. 
8/10/21 Community Based English Tutoring (CBET) program was removed from the catalog
8/11/21 The Business Administration 2.0 Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (AS-T) program has been approved by the state of California and was added to the 2021-2022 catalog. 
8/11/21 TEAM 177 was removed from the Kinesiology Associate in Arts (AA) program page
8/13/21 All Gainful Employment info was removed from all Certificate program pages, as the information is no longer mandated to be reported in the catalog by the state of California. 
8/13/21 Courses were approved for UC transfer: ETHN 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, 265, 288 | AQUA 127.3, 127.4, 133.1 | FITN 308.1 | BUS. 101 | IDST 150
8/17/21 FITN 335.2  program hours were corrected to 48-54
8/20/21 2021-2022 Catalog Version 2 was published on 8/20/21
9/10/21 Campus Directory was updated: 
9/14/21 Buildings 4, 24, and 31 were added to the campus map: 
9/27/21 The "Steps to Success" were updated to expand further upon Step 3 (Orientation), Step 4 (Placement), and Step 5 (Counseling): 
12/16/21 Public Safety pages were updated to include new "Virtual Permit Parking" changes beginning January 1st, 2022: 
12/17/21 Photonics and Laser Technology Certificate of Achievement has been approved by the state of California and was added to the 2021-2022 catalog.
12/17/21 Advanced Optics and Photonics Technology has been approved by the state of California and was added to the 2021-2022 catalog.
12/17/21 2021-2022 Catalog Version 3 was published on 12/17/21
5/6/22 The program page for Elementary Teacher Education AA-T now displays the correct number of required core units and the change in required courses: 48 units total and the deletion of the “or” clause listed between DRAM 140 and ENGL 100.
5/9/22 2021-2022 Catalog Version 4 was published on 5/9/22
6/6/22 AA/AS Degree requirements, section F: Physical Education, was amended: 
6/23/22 Student Right-to-Know and Clery Act informatin was added to the catalog: 
7/6/22 2021-2022 Catalog Version 5 was published on 7/6/22

General Education Worksheets - Catalog-Rights Versions 

These worksheets were published near the Fall 2021 semester and remain unchanged. For the most up-to-date worksheets, please view the worksheets webpage in this catalog. 



Past Catalog ARCHIVES 

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