CARES (Cañada Assessment, Response and Evaluation)

Report: Student Behavior of Concern

Purpose of the Form

This form is to be used to report behaviors of concern, for example, distressed behavior where you are concerned for a student. If there is an emergency or the behavior is very disruptive or dangerous, contact Public Safety or 911 (depending on the situation).

Distressed Behaviors

Distressed behaviors include: Behaviors indicated of emotional distress, but not necessarily disruptive. Examples include: Nervous or anxious; Sad, crying, or depressed; Inability to concentrate; Spaced-out or disheveled appearance; Expressing suicidal thoughts.

What happens to this report

This report will be forwarded to the VPSS Office and will be reviewed by the CARES Team. You, the reporter, will not be revealed to the student of concern.


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