Behaviors of Concern

Distressed Behaviors:   Nervous or anxious, sad, crying, or depressed, inability to concentrate, spaced-out or disheveled appearance, angry, under the influence, excessive demand for reassurance/support, expressing suicidal thoughts

Suggested actions:

  • Talk with student privately or confidentially
  • Register concern
  • Inform student about available assistance
  • Submit a CARES Report
  • Whenever a student expresses suicidal thoughts, take them seriously and get help immediately by calling Public Safety at (650) 738-7000

Disruptive Behaviors: Causing disruption in or outside of classroom, inappropriately focusing attention on self, irrational or inappropriate, unrelated or bizarre comments, verbally abusive, defiant, exhibitionist

Suggested Actions:

  • Always protect personal safety
  • Protect safety of others, if possible
  • If appropriate:
    • Speak with student privately and confidentially
    • Show concern/acknowledge feelings
  • Set limits for acceptable behavior
  • Submit a CARES Report
  • If discussion with student seems inappropriate, dangerous, or ineffective, request student leave class and contact Public Safety immediately at (650) 738-7000

Dangerous Behaviors: Danger to self or others, acting out and appears to be potentially violent, violent behavior toward self or others, threatening to harm or kill self or others

Suggested actions:

  • Always protect personal safety
  • Protect safety of others if possible
  • Immediately call 911
  • Buy time by talking calmly and with concern until help arrives.