Career Center Information Documents

Below are the handouts we have in the Career Center.

Cover Letter Outline      This form will show you how to layout your letter and what content to add.
Behavioral Interviews Discusses what behavioral interview questions are.
Developing Interview Skills      Discusses things to do to be more comfortable interviewing.
Difficult Questions                        Shows you how to answer difficult interview questions. 
Interviewing Do's and Don'ts Things to watch out for when interviewing.
Informational Interviewing This Guide will help you prepare to contact employers in fields you are interested in. 
Mock Interview This document is useful to practice interviewing. 
Transferable Skills Discusses what transferable skills are and when to use them in a resume. 
Completing a Job Application                        Help with some of the trickier parts of the job application. 
Choosing a Major Tips on what to consider when choosing a major.