Strong Workforce Program

The Strong Workforce Tri-Chair members:

  • Dean of the Business, Design, and Workforce Division - Hyla Lacefield
  • Academic Senate CTE Faculty Liaison - Billy B
  • Director of Workforce Development - Julian Branch

The Strong Workforce Tri-Chair’s approval process is a majority vote.

The Academic Sentate CTE Faculty Liason can be reached during the following hours, or by arrangement on Zoom:

1pm - 2pm, Monday to Friday


Strong Workforce Funds Proposal Process:

  1. All expenditures equal to or in excess of $2,500 need approval through the Strong Workforce Tri-Chair. Faculty, staff, and administration from the college may submit proposals for the use of Strong Workforce Funds via the proposal submission form: click here.
  2. Any funding request over $50,000 will be submitted to Instructional Deans / Cabinet and any request over $100,000 must have the president's approval.
  3. This form / funding request does not supersede any college process like release time, ITS equipment/software purchasing, contracts, etc. The college process must be followed. 
  4. All requests will be responded to within two weeks from submission unless there is significant reason.
  5. All requests will be given a ranking based on the tri-chair votes. If no funding is available at the time of your submission you will be contacted when funding is available.

For more information on the Strong Workforce Program please visit or contact the Director of Workforce Development, Julian Branch at


Cañada College Strong Workforce Tri-Chair Meeting Minutes and Requests

Strong Workforce, Apprenticeship, & Perkins Funding Request Form

Requests and approval status can be viewed in this spreadsheet: