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Human Behavior & Culture | Interest Area | Cañada College

Are you interested in solving social issues, improving quality of life for others, and planning the future of human societies? You might want to consider a career in the social sciences, education, or language arts. In the Human Behavior and Culture Interest Area, you can study a wide range of topics that impact our communities.


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Human Behavior & Culture

Meet your Success Team



James Carranza (Dean of Humanities & Social Science)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Humanities Division Office

Lead Faculty

Denise Erickson (Professor)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Art

Counseling Division

Gloria Darafshi (Counselor)

Student Services - Counseling

Retention Specialist

Diana Espinoza-Osuna (ESL and CBET Retention Specialist)

Humanities and Social Sciences - CBET

Learning Center (ASLT) - Peer Mentors

Cañada Learning Center (Canada Learning Center)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Learning Center

Data Coach

Alexander Claxton (Senior Planning and Research Analyst)

President's Office - Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness


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