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Active Minds Events for Students & Community

Active Minds Events 

Wellness Fair: April 12th through April 15th 

List of Professors who will be giving extra credit to students for attending

  • Professor Julie Carey
  • Professor Patty Hall
  • Professor Tania Tam
  • Professor Bridget Love
  • Professor Kiren Malavade 
  • Professor John D. Perez
  • Professor Natalie Alizaga
  • Professor Susan White

Schedule for the Wellness Fair. Click on the webinar links to register now! (Updates TBA)

April 12th

12pm: Active Minds' students strategies for maintaining Emotional well-being
1pm: Stress Reduction and the Practice of Mindfulness
2pm: Eating Disorders 

April 13th

12pm: Birth Control 
2pm: Tech Wellness

April 14th

1pm: Dimension of Wellness Plus Healthy Habits 
2pm: COVID, Vaccine Updates, Masking

April 15th

12pm: Nutrition 
1pm: Let's talk about Anxiety
2pm: Financial Coaching, Legal Help, and Food & Housing Resources for Students

FLEX Days Presentations for Faculty & Staff

APRIL 22: Cañada Students' Experiences with Mental Health during COVID 19

Description: Active Minds students will host a discussion of the mental health challenges of attending school virtually.  Faculty and staff will have an opportunity to create a dialog with the students and collaborate with them to brainstorm ideas on how we – as a community – can create a healthy learning environment in our virtual classrooms. 


  • Different types of mental challenges
  • How the state of mental health affects school during COVID 19
  • Dialog with faculty and staff how we can all better support each other
Zoom Link: (tba)