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Local Counseling Resources

San Mateo County:

Southern County:

Star Vista                                             650-591-9623

Gronowski Counseling Clinic                   650-961-9300                       
Counseling all ages, medication

Edgewood Center for Children and Families  650.832.6900

BACA Bay Area Children's Association     650-304-3906
ccepts clients through age 26

Ravenswood Family Health Center          (650) 330-7441

Central County:

Rape Trauma Services                           650-652-0598

Catholic Charities                                  650-295-2160

Jewish Family and Children Services       650-688-3034

Mills Peninsula Health Services               650-696-4666

Health Plan of San Mateo                       800-686-0101 

for access to a psychiatrist  Mental Health Access Team

North County

Daly City Youth Health Center                650-985-7000                            counseling up to age 22

Pyramid Alternatives Counseling             650-355-8787                  counseling all ages, couples

San Francisco County:

CA Institute for Integral Studies             415-776-3109   Counseling at several locations

Golden Gate Integral Counseling                415-561-0230

Psychological Services Center                    415-575-6200

Richmond Area Multicultural Services            415-668-5955                                     Counseling all ages

Access Institute                                             415-861-5449                                 Counseling and medication

California Pacific Medical Center                   415-600-3247                       Counseling and medication

Lee Woodward counseling Center                 415-776-1001

San Francisco Mental Health Access Team   415-255-3737


National Alliance on Mental Health        

Psychiatric Emergency Services                     650-573-2662

Crisis Hotline                                                   650-579-0350