Quality Online Teaching & Learning 2 Training


About the Training

QOTL 2 is an advanced online teaching training that builds off of QOTL 1 and goes beyond the content in that course. The goal is to invite faculty to look at one of their existing courses and re-imagine any components that they feel could be improved upon and/or enhanced. And we want this training to fit the needs of our faculty, so we’ve designed it to be a Choose Your Own Adventure format. The course begins with a Module 0 that everyone completes, followed by the three modules that faculty participants get to choose, and concludes with a final activity.

Faculty participants get to choose which modules they work through based on the topics that they’d like to dive further into. They get to choose one module from each category to make up their own QOTL 2 Adventure. Here’s an outline of the topics faculty can choose from:

  • Category A – Course Structure & Navigation (choose 1)
    • Content Delivery
    • Course Facilitation
    • Visual Interest
  • Category B - Interaction & Communication (choose 1)
    • Student Interaction
    • Instructor Interaction
    • Honoring Student Voice
  • Category C - Assessment (choose 1)
    • Authentic Assessment
    • Active Learning
    • Grading & Feedback

Upcoming QOTL 2 Offerings

We are currently inviting faculty who have completed QOTL 1 three or more years ago to participate in QOTL 2.

Spring 2024

  • February 12-March 24
  • April 1-May 5

Summer 2024

  • June 3-July 7
  • June 24-July 29

If you're interested in joining an offering of QOTL 2, please email Nada Nekrep (nekrepn@smccd.edu).