Quality Online Teaching & Learning Training

Quality Online Teaching and Learning


The Quality Online Teaching & Learning Training, or QOTL, is an in-house certification program for SMCCCD faculty to learn how to teach online and/or hybrid courses. QOTL was first offered in the Summer of 2017 and will be offered three times each year--once during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The course is offered 100% online and the objectives of QOTL are outlined below.

At the completion of QOTL, participants will be able to:

  1. Design an accessible online or hybrid course in Canvas while applying the OEI Course Design Rubric.
  2. Assess new or existing course materials for accessibility and revise as needed.
  3. Construct a course that meets the needs of online or hybrid students, specifically in the area of Regular Effective Contact.

QOTL 1 Sample Syllabus & Schedule

Over 100 Cañada faculty have completed QOTL!

Are you interested in the next QOTL training?

Faculty providing online courses (including synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid and multi-modality) are required to be trained in online course development and delivery per Title V regulations, and we recommend that instructors get re-certified every 3 years in order to stay current in this ever-changing environment. QOTL training is recognized in all SMCCCD district colleges as proof of current preparation (and may be recognized by other schools and colleges).  Prior training at other districts may be considered equivalent to QOTL in the SMCCCD.  If you have any questions about QOTL or other training programs you are interested in completing, please contact Nada Nekrep (nekrepn@smccd.edu).

Upcoming QOTL 1 Offerings

  • Spring 2024: April 1 - May 13
  • Summer 2024: June 3 - July 15

Email Nada Nekrep (nekrepn@smccd.edu) to sign up for an upcoming QOTL 1 offering.