Student Engagement

Think back to the last time you were a student in a course. Now, think back to the few days that preceded the beginning of that course. Did you find yourself with clarification questions that needed answering? Were you wondering about workload, course expectations, or how and when to get started? If you did, then you really understand the experience of many of your own students. 

The days that lead up to the beginning of a course and the first week of instruction can be a hectic and dynamic period when students need consistent and measured interaction from their instructor. This is a time where expectations are established (both in tone and workload), where students may need proactive support, and where the required tools for success will be discussed to help students acclimate to the learning environment. As you prepare for, launch, and facilitate your own course(s), you will want to ensure you have incorporated these elements for success. 

Elements for Success

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Opportunities for student-to-student interaction
  • Opportunities for student-to-instructor interaction
  • Opportunities for student-to-content interaction 
  • Regular Substantive Interaction (RSI)

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