The Getting Started Module

The Getting Started Module, or Welcome Module, is one of the first areas of YOUR course that students interact with. It is your opportunity to set an inviting tone, introduce the course and requirements, and let students get acquainted with you! 

A comprehensive Getting Started//Welcome Module should include, at minimum, the following resources to help students kick off successfully: 

  • Getting Started Overview
  • Student Technical Support 
  • Syllabus & Instructor Contact
  • Course Navigation Instructions
  • Online Etiquette Guidelines
  • Preparing for Success
  • Student Support Services
  • Course Q&A Forum
  • Getting Started Summary

Ready for the great news? Cañada College has a Template Getting Started/Welcome Module that can be imported into any course shell! You can access the Getting Started content as a standalone module by navigating to the Canvas Commons and searching for “Cañada Templates - Welcome Module,” then select the Import button and the destination course shell. 

Need a bit more information?

Getting Started Module Overview Video

Cañada Faculty Resource Repository 


getting started module overview