Equitable Grading Practices

Grading is an important and emotionally charged conversation in today's educational institutions. Inconsistent grading practices and the ways they can inadvertently perpetuate achievement and opportunity gaps among students make grading an issue of equity. 

By using the tools in the Canvas Gradebook and SpeedGrader, and by developing native Canvas Rubrics, instructors are able to promote equitable, authentic, and individualized learning opportunities. 

Consider These Factors

  • Using the Canvas Gradebook and regularly publishing assessment scores helps to provide transparency for students in their course progress
  • The Canvas Gradebook has many helpful features including anonymous grading, muting assignments, and the ability to easily excuse assignments
  • Canvas Rubrics present assessment criteria in the most accessible format for those navigating the course using screen reading technology
  • Rubrics promote objective grading, which in turn promotes equity in grading

Need a bit more information?

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