Cañada Course Template


Using the Cañada Course Template is the easiest way to get a new course set up and ready to go in Canvas! 

The Cañada Course Template includes the following customizable resources, all of which are best practices in an effective, accessible, digital classroom environment: 

  • Homepage template
  • Accessible Syllabus template
  • Student Technical Support module
  • Comprehensive Getting Started module
  • Content Module template that can be duplicated as many times as needed
  • Individual resource templates such as Pages, Discussions, and Assignments

Ready to get started? If you are ready to import the Cañada Course Template, navigate to the Canvas Commons and search for “Cañada Templates - Full Course Template,” then select the Import button and the destination course shell. Watch the Canvas Commons Overview Video (3 minutes) for more inforamiton on importing content from the Commons.


Need a bit more information?

Course Template Overview Video

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