Creating an Accessible Syllabus

The course syllabus communicates more than just due dates and contact information. You can use the syllabus as a starting point to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment and to demonstrate your teaching style, values, and commitment to helping each student in your course. 

Part of creating an accessible syllabus is using inclusive language. An inviting syllabus can signal to students that they are entering a nurturing learning space, one where they will be supported and where their diverse experiences and perspective will be encouraged. An accessible syllabus utilizes language, policies, principles, and even the syllabus structure itself to promote equal access and opportunities for all students. 

Tips for making yoru syllabus more inclusive: 

  1. Use warm and welcoming tone
  2. Place emphasis on student learning
  3. Accessible design
  4. Supportive and understanding course policies

Ready for the great news? The Cañada Course Template has an accessible syllabus template that uses inclusive language and  can be imported and customized with ease. You can access the Cañada Course Template by navigating to the Canvas Commons and searching for “Cañada Templates - Full Course Template,” then select the Import button and the destination course shell.  

Need a bit more information?

Accessible Syllabus Overview Video

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