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Canvas is a learning management system chosen by the California Community College's Online Education Initiative to become the state-wide learning management system for all the California Community Colleges. Please refer to the January 13, 2016 Board Report for more information on Canvas and the OEI Rubric in the SMCCD. Canvas replaced WebAccess on June 6, 2017.

For Faculty and Staff, login with your email username 'doej' (without @smccd.edu) and email password. If you forget your password contact your dean or contact us at smccdaccountsupport@smccd.edu. You may also contact the ITS Help Desk or by submitting a Help Desk ticket at https://helpcenter.smccd.edu/requestform/.
Submit a ticket to SMCCD Online Course Support, or click on Help on the left in Canvas to chat directly with Canvas Support. Call the Canvas Support line at 844-505-4565 or put in a help ticket with. Find helpful resources on the Cañada Online Teaching and the Cañada Online Learning websites.
Fill out the Canvas Account Creation request form. Someone will follow up with you within 3 business days.
You can see how the Canvas system itself is doing on the Canvas Status page. You can also check how Canvas is doing in our District on the SMCCD Web Services Status page. Be sure to check both of these pages for a complete status update.
For online training, we offer the Quality Online Teaching & Learning Training. For in-person and just-in-time training, please visit the Events & Workshops page.
The OEI (Online Education Initiative) Course Design Rubric analyzes how well courses promote student success and meet existing regulatory and accreditation requirements. Please refer to the November 2015 Academic Senate Resolution and the January 13, 2016 Board Report for more information on Canvas and the OEI Rubric in the SMCCCD.
Email Allison Hughes, Cañada's Instructional Technologist to have your courses cross-listed. Please provide all of the CRNs for the courses in the request, and let Allison know if you have already put content into any of the courses, or have a preference for which course will be the main course.
Please note, students enrolled in your course can only be removed if they drop the course through Admissions & Records. Email Allison Hughes, Instructional Technologist, with the names and emails of the people you would like removed and from which course(s).
Fill out the Non-District Canvas Account Creation request form. Be sure to explain why this person needs an account and what they will need to access. If you'd like to enroll a large number of Non-District people in a non-CRN course, create the course in the Free-for-Teachers instance of Canvas instead of the SMCCCD instance of Canvas.