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Statistics (Math 200) Help

ATTENTION! Frank's workshops have been postponed until further notice

In addition to basic tutoring, the Learning Center offers a number of different kinds of help with Statistics:

1. Math 200 Outline

This is a 13-page outline of the course. It tracks the Chapters in the Triola Textbook, and quickly points you to the Calculator functions and programs that will help you solve problems much faster than if you had to do them all by hand. Click on the link below to see the Outline, and then print it out. It’s important to print it out, because then you can make notes on it.

Math 200 Outline

2. Workshops  Frank's workshops have been postponed until further notice. Please check out his youtube videos posted below.

Unlike past semesters, Frank Austin will not be conducting his usual Math 200 Workshops in Fall 2015.  Instead, he will be doing lectures on specific topics, once per week on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.  These free lectures will be held in Room 9-251C of the Learning Center. There are two main points of emphasis in these lectures: (1) getting comfortable with the Calculator, which will save you countless hours of homework time, and (2) learning how to make sense of word problems. You can access the lecture schedule for Fall 2015 with the following link:

Fall 2015 Lecture Schedule


3. Helpful Online Calculators

You won’t be able to use these on an in-class exam, but they can be very helpful when doing homework.


4. Youtube Videos

Frank Austin has begun to record helpful videos and post them on Youtube. For some reason, the videos are often a bit blurry at the start, but then become much sharper after a few minutes.  As additional videos are posted, the links below will be updated: