Post-Award Process


Provide Notification: After the funding agency notifies you that the College is being awarded grant funds, the following persons must be notified immediately:
       a. Dean who serves as grant administrator
       b. Vice President of Administrative Services and College Business Officer
       c. Vice President of Instruction
       d. Vice President of Student Services
       e. College President
       f.  Faculty/Staff who will serve as project director (if known)


Obtain Board Approval:  Board approval will be required before external funds are accepted when:
      a. The external funds support a new District program or service
      b. The District dollar match of more than $50,000 is required
      c. The award requires a commitment that the program will continue beyond the funding period. 

If Board approval is required, the Vice President should work with the College Business Officer to prepare a draft Board Report on behalf of the College President.  The College President will coordinate with the Chancellor's staff to agendize the item. Sample Board Report

You may also consider notifying the Board as an information item given the Board may be interested in the nature of a program, community or other partnerships, as well as funding sources.

Refer to District Board Policy 6.30


Obtain Chancellor Approval: The Chancellor is authorized to accept external funds which:
     a. Are renewals
     b. Support current programs and services within the District and require a District dollar match  (not in-kind) of $50,000 or less
     c. Support current programs and services within the District and require an in-kind match only.

If Board approval is not required, then the Vice President's Office under which the grant falls should coordinate with the District Grants Analyst to obtain the appropriate signatures to accept the grant.

4. Identify Project Director: The Dean who serves as the grant administrator will begin the process to identify, appoint, or hire a Project Director (may already be known or written into the proposal). The project director will be primarily responsible for implementing the funded program and budget according to the funding agreement.
 5. Establish Grant Account: The Business Office will work with the District Grants Analyst to create a separate fund account, called a FOAP in Banner which is the College's information management and business operations software.  Banner's acronym for the account FOAP stands for Fund-Organization-Account-Program.  

Establish Grant Budget: The Project Director should contact the College Business Office to review the grant  budget.  Sometimes the budget as described in the final award or contract is not always a perfect fit with what was initially proposed and adjustments will need to be made.  

The Project Director should review the Get Ready to Manage Your Grant Budget guidelines, which provides initial instructions to get started.

Get Ready to Manage Your Grant Budget